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    CRM & Database Management

    CRM Strategy & Management

    We formulate and implement CRM strategies to gain potential leads, retain customers and grow their loyalty to the brand. We do this by developing a customer journey lifecycle and integrating different channels of engagement and interactions between the customer and the brand. When developing the strategy, we identify all the touchpoints the customer may use to interact with the brand, whether it is through phone, SMS, chatbot, email or social media.

    Our approach is to develop the optimal way for customers to interact with the brand at different stages of their engagement lifecycle. With the strategy in place, we identify key moments that can be leveraged and create effective and bespoke CRM campaigns to further gain leads and retain customers. The key to a successful CRM strategy is understanding that the customers are the key focus and how we communicate with them needs to be personalized and targeted to them specifically.

    A/B testing is a great way to help us evaluate which form of communication and visual design work best and assist us in keeping the finger on the pulse, measure customers’ reactions to campaign triggers and optimize accordingly.

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